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Body Skin Care


Revitalize, purify, and relax with our body care products!

Plant-based body care that delivers results, leaving you with visibly healthy, smooth and glowing skin all over.


shine revitalizing smoothing body oil
Shine Revitalizing & Smoothing Body Oil
Love yourself body lotion
Love Yourself Nourishing Body Lotion
Confidence body mist
Confidence Body Mist
Fearless Luminous
Fearless Nourish & Repair Body Butter
Clarity Sugar Scrub Brightening Body Exfoliator
Clarity Exfoliate + Moisturize Sugar Scrub
Bliss Vitamin C + Superfood Body Polish
Bliss Vitamin C + Superfood Body Polish
falawsome cellulite reducing coffee scrub
Flawsome Cellulite Reducing Coffee Scrub
Irresistible Glow Shimmer Oil
Irresistible Glow Shimmer Oil
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Vegan Skincare Products for Body Care

When looking for new skincare products, vegan or natural options are often overlooked because they’re seen as not being effective enough to hydrate, moisturize, calm, or keep your skin healthy and glowing.

The truth is, organic skincare is one of the best options for healthy, supple, and glowing skin. Often natural ingredients contain far more vitamins and antioxidants than synthetic products where these nutrients need to be artificially added.

And higher-quality ingredients with a better effect on your skin aren’t the only benefits of using natural body care products from Skin and Senses.

  • They’re better for the environment as we use fewer resources, produce less waste, and don’t contain chemicals that are harmful to plants or animals.
  • They’re better for your well-being, formulated without GMOs, alcohol, artificial colors, synthetic chemicals, and phthalates.
  • They’re nice to animals as we’re proudly a cruelty-free natural skincare company.

In addition, using vegan skincare products isn’t just better for the world around you—they contain unique ingredients that can help address problem areas of your skin, whether it’s dryness, itchiness, stretch marks, or dermatitis.

Some of the best vegan ingredients in our natural skincare products include:

  • Argan oil can help fade stretch marks by reducing redness, promoting new skin growth, and increasing skin elasticity.
  • Vitamin C encourages collagen production and acts as an antioxidant, protecting your skin against harsh conditions and premature aging.
  • Sugar acts as a great exfoliant to scrub off dead skin cells and impurities.
  • Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer and especially beneficial for people with eczema or those with sensitive skin.

Just because a product doesn’t contain ingredients with names that are impossible to pronounce doesn’t mean it’s less effective. People who use organic and vegan skincare often aren’t just happy with the results on their skin—they’re surprised by all the added benefits of using responsibly sourced products can have on their conscience, too!

There’s nothing better than pampering yourself while knowing you are doing great things for your body, the environment, and the world. Explore the Body Collection from Skin and Senses and feel the difference of healthy, supple skin all over.