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Skin And Senses – You Deserve Better, And We’re Doing Something About It!

Skin and Senses skincare products is the brainchild of momtastic duo, Kili and Roxy. These two longtime friends and LA-based working moms have spent years in the beauty and fashion industries.

Everything changed when Kili became pregnant with her first baby. Midway through her normal beauty routine, she hesitated. At that moment, she stopped to take a look at the ingredients in the products she was using. After googling even just a few of the unpronounceable names, she was shocked by what she found: most beauty products (including the ones she had just used) contained chemicals that could harm her unborn child.

As an entrepreneur at heart, Kili knew she could create safe, high-quality beauty products for moms-to-be. That mission lead her to develop her first product: a pregnancy-safe stretch mark prevention body butter. She was so excited to design a product that was both safe, hydrating, and moisturizing—perfect for expectant moms to use throughout those precious 9 months of pregnancy.

After her daughter was born, Kili decided to take her idea one step further. She took a leap and launched Skin and Senses Skincare, products for women who, just like her, refused to compromise their health for the sake of their beauty routine.

Today, she and mom-friend Roxy are still helping women find luxurious beauty items that don’t put their (and their babies’) health at risk. They have worked tirelessly to ensure that Skin and Senses produces all-natural, highly-effective formulations using only high-quality ingredients.

Safe Products, Beautiful Skin, and Female Empowerment: Helping Women Have it All

For the past few years, these rockstar mamas have been hard at work developing safe, high-quality skincare products for all women. But that’s only part of their story. As women who are both working professionals and mothers, Kili and Roxy know how much stress and anxiety can come with trying to “have it all.”

Empowering yourself and pampering yourself don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You can be a successsful, hardworking businesswoman and still take care of yourself. In fact, a high-quality, safe skincare line can help you wash away life’s daily stresses and anxiety, provide you with healthy skin, and and leave you refreshed and ready to conquer your next career goal. Kili and Roxy’s products are designed to do just that. With names like, “Revive,” “Illuminate,” “Conquer,” and “Fearless,” their products inspire and empower while also nourishing the skin.

From body scrubs to serums, to toners, lotions, oils, and facial cleansers, Skin and Senses Skincare aims to refresh and enliven women’s spirits and attitudes.  Kili and Roxy are on a mission to make sure that each time their customers use a Skin and Senses product, they feel uplifted. At the end of their beauty routine, they want all women to feel what they felt back when making the courageous (but terrifying) decision to start this company: that they (and no one else) are in control and in charge of their own lives.

The Skin and Senses Mission

At Skin And Senses, our mission is to empower people to live happy, healthy lives as well as encourage women to take control of their own health by being knowledgeable about what is in their skincare products. In order to achieve this desire, we want to get safer skincare products in the hands of everyone. Though we still don’t know for sure what percentage of the chemicals we put on our bodies everyday is absorbed into the bloodstream, the fact that it happens at all should be enough to motivate us to be more careful—especially if you are an expectant mother or if you are in charge of buying the skincare products for your entire household. For your health and the health of those you love, look at your skin in a different way. When you put something on, imagine that substance inside your body instead of just sitting on your skin. Because that’s exactly where some of it is going to end up. Do you still feel as comfortable using it? If not, try something else instead—something with wholesome, safe ingredients you can feel good about. We want to let all women know that we can have the results we want from our beauty routine without causing harm to our health or the planet. As women, working professionals, and moms, we want others like us to know that you can indulge in a high-quality beauty routine that doesn’t compromise your health, while also being a empowered, driven woman.


Our Founders Kili & Roxy 

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