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About Us

Skin And Senses began with a vision and a mission:

At Skin And Senses, we strongly value integrity in business and transparency in our company and products. You Deserve Better, And We’re Doing Something About It!     

Skin And Senses began with a vision and a mission:   

To create a skincare company that positively impacts the planet and your healthas well as educate and empower all people.  We want women to look and feel their best, at every age. 

Roxy and Kili were shocked to learn that According to FDA labeling regulations, cosmetic ingredient lists do not have to declare "incidental ingredients." Incidental ingredients refer to chemicals, such as preservatives, that are used to preserve individual ingredients as supplied (to the cosmetics maker) by the ingredient manufacturer.  

Roxy and Kili knew they wanted to create a brand that listed every single ingredient on the product labels and website, so you can make your own choice. Roxy and Kili worked tirelessly to ensure that Skin and Senses produces highly-effective products with no harsh chemicals Most Skin And Senses products are waterless formulations using only high quality sustainable ingredients.   

Safe Products, Beautiful Skin, and Self Empowerment: Helping You Have it All 

Empowering yourself and pampering yourself don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  Roxy and Kili chose empowering words as the names of each product and listed a positive quote to go along with each product name. Sometimes one word, one quote can change your mood or day. We want people that use our products to see the positive words and quotes every time theuse Skin And Senses product. With names like, “Fearless,” “Illuminate,” “Conquer,” and “Shine,” the products inspire and empower while also rejuvenating your skin.  

At Skin And Senses, our mission is to empower people to live happy, healthy lives as well as encourage them to take control of their own health by being knowledgeable about what is in their skincare products. In order to achieve this desire, we want to get safer skincare products in the hands of everyone. We want to let you know that you can have the results you want from your beauty routine without causing harm to your health or the planet.  

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