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2 Steps To Add To Your Shower Routine For Glowing Skin

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Posted on June 01 2018


Shower Routine for Glowing Skin with Skin and Senses 

It's springtime! The layers of clothing are coming off in exchange for styles that show a little bit more skin. Festival season has come and gone and bikini season is right around the corner!
Since skin is in and we are showing more of it this season, everyone is on the hunt for the perfect glow. While body bronzer and shimmer are a quick fix, there are two easy steps you can do every day to get radiant, glowing skin. Keep Reading to find out how to get the perfect spring glow.

Shower Routine for Glowing Skin with Skin and Senses

Shower Routine for Glowing Skin


1.Exfoliate with a scrub

Exfoliation is so important! not just for your face but for your body as well. It is essential for banishing dry skin areas and gives you baby soft skin. Since it's important to exfoliate your whole body, you want to use a high-quality product. The skin is our biggest organ and it absorbs whatever we put on it.
I've been loving the Clarity Sugar Scrub from Skin and Senses. It is an all-natural, good for you product that smells amazing and really gets the job done! I love that it is a gentle formula that won't irritate my skin because I have eczema.
To use it, do an overall rub down with it in the shower. Really focus on any dry areas you may have. Rinse it off to reveal beautiful bikini ready skin.
Hydrate with a body oil


2.Hydrate with a body oil

Let's face it, dry flaky skin is not a good look. Sometimes lotion doesn't work well enough, especially in hot weather months. A body oil is a total game changer!
So many people are giving glowing reviews of the Shine Body Oil by Skin and Senses! I love it too especially since it uses all natural, non-toxic ingredients.
Use it after you've toweled off from your shower. I like to apply it in a pressing motion so my skin can really absorb the ingredients. It also smells great so it doubles as a fragrance too!
Adding these two quick and easy steps to your routine will give you that summer glow instantly! Skin and Senses has so many amazing natural beauty products. Read about my other three favorites HERE. You can check out the full collection HERE


How are you getting that summer glow? Let's Chat! Leave a comment below.


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