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Benefits of Clean Skincare

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Posted on June 13 2022

Good skincare can be an incredibly subjective topic. What works for you might not work for anyone else, making it tricky to find the best products without spending years testing out every skincare product in the book.  

However, one range of skincare has proven repeatedly to hold enormous benefits for every skin type: clean skincare. Whether it’s a clean face wash or moisturizer, using vegan skincare free from preservatives and additives can do wonders for your skin. If you still need some convincing, this post is for you.

What Is Clean Skincare

Clean beauty is in a league of its own. Its members are skincare products like face washes, masks, scrubs, serums, and moisturizers made without toxic or irritating additives or product preservatives. 

If the fact that clean skincare products don’t have any nasty ingredients isn’t enough to convince you, we’ve got all their other benefits covered too.

Five Benefits of Clean Skincare

Here are our five favorite benefits of clean skincare.

1. Their Ingredients Are Safe

With so many different skincare products on the market, it can be difficult to sort the good from the bad from the absolutely terrible. Some skincare products contain ingredients that can be very harmful to your health. 

Heavy metals, toxic additives—all of these substances can harm you more than benefit you. One of the main benefits of clean skincare is that the products you’re using contain none of these bad ingredients.

2. They’re Better for Sensitive Skin

If you’ve ever tried generic skincare products on your sensitive skin, you’ll know how horrible it is to apply a moisturizer or mask and wake up with red, irritated, or spotty skin. Clean skincare products contain way fewer additives and no artificial chemicals, so they’re gentler for your skin and far less likely to cause breakouts or irritations.

3. They Don’t Contain Carcinogens

Clean skincare doesn’t include any toxic chemicals, so you won’t be exposed to any harmful chemicals in your skincare product.

4. They’re Better for the Environment

Another great upside of using skincare that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals is that none of those bad chemicals will end up in the environment either. They won’t be rinsed down the drain and into the oceans, water sources, or rivers.

5. They Keep You Healthier

Since these products contain only natural ingredients, they don’t have anything in them that damages your skin or negatively affects your health after being absorbed into your skin.  

Best Clean Skincare Ingredients

If you’re not sure what sort of products to try, you can’t go wrong with options that contain ingredients like: 

  • Charcoal: Cleanses the skin and removes deep-set impurities
  • Aloe vera: Anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects can help promote healthy aging
  • Green tea: Highly effective in treating acne and promoting healthy aging
  • Cucumber: Deeply moisturizing with anti-inflammatory properties
  • Bentonite clay: Helps reduce skin irritations and boosts your skin hydration




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