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5 Step Anti-Inflammatory Natural Skin Care Routine For Acne

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Posted on March 29 2019

No one wants to deal with blemishes, breakouts, or inflamed skin, end of story!

Not only does it sap your self-confidence, it can also be a painful condition due to burning, stinging and itching.

5 Step Anti-Inflammatory Natural Skin Care Routine For Acne

As with any inflammatory skin condition, it’s important to look for ways to reduce inflammation naturally in the body, as well as to use products that won’t irritate or aggravate the skin.

If you peruse the aisles at your local drugstore, you’ll find loads of options aimed towards targeting your acne breakouts, but the bad news is that most contain harsh, drying ingredients that can actually exacerbate the problem.

Keep reading to find out more about why your conventional products aren’t fixing your skin, as well as a few natural ways you can reduce inflammation and start to heal your acne by becoming a healthier version of your current self!

Go natural with your skin care products

Harsh drying agents in conventional skin care can make the problem worse by disrupting your skin’s natural moisture balance and encouraging it to over-produce sebum to make up for the complete lack of it in your skin.

Naturally, too much sebum usually means a breakout, or two or three!

Switch out your conventional products for ones free from parabens, phthalates and all those other nasties, and if you do look for one to target acne, try something like our 5% Glycolic Daily Toner; an alpha-hydroxy acid that is highly effective, yet this formula is combined with pure plant botanicals and soothing ingredients to keep your skin perfectly balanced while it works its magic.

Your skin may be slightly sensitive initially so you may want to perform a patch test or use every other day instead of daily.

Stay hydrated from the inside out

Drinking water not only ensures your skin stays perfectly hydrated and plump, it also helps to flush out any toxins lurking in your body that may have manifested as a breakout.

Aim for at least 8 glasses a day and add some lemon for a brightening and anti-inflammatory Vitamin C boost!

Eat foods that reduce internal inflammation

It’s very important to reduce inflammation inside your body, if you want to reduce inflammation externally.

Certain foods are simply brimming in anti-inflammatory properties and will help to reduce inflammation for clearer skin, as well as seriously boost your energy levels!

Ditch the sugar

This is a controversial topic, but it has been proven that sugar increases inflammation inside the body, and by now you know that inflammation and the skin is a bad mix.

Sugar also saps water out of the skin cells and even breaks down collagen so you’ll have to worry about lines and wrinkles, as well as acne!

Avoid sugar and try and stick to healthier substitutions like maple syrup, coconut sugar and raw honey.

Avoid hot water

So here’s a major don’t for you to always remember!

Do not, we repeat, do not rinse your skin with hot water, keep it lukewarm.

Hot water strips the skin of oils needed to keep it balanced and perfectly hydrated and can impair the skin’s barrier function, putting it at major risk for loads of issues, including dryness and breakouts, at the same time!

As you can see, healthy, clear skin comes down to so much more than simply the products you choose to apply to your skin, it’s a whole lifestyle!



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