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Cold Weather Skin Care Guide: How To Avoid Dry, Itchy Skin

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Posted on December 07 2019

The cooler temps have been steadily creeping up on us and while we don’t mind some of the cooler weather perks like adding a festive shot of peppermint to our usual hot chocolate or bundling up under the covers with our latest netflix obsession, we know our skin doesn’t feel quite the same way.

It’s no secret that dry, cold temperatures can take quite a toll on the skin.

Red, flaky and itchy skin is common when the bitter winds howl and the heat is turned all the way up indoors, but why let another winter go by without taking matters into your own hands?

In today’s article we wanted to share just a few of our all natural cold weather tips to help keep your skin hydrated and comfortable no matter how low the temps go!

So get cozy, make your favorite herbal brew and dig in to our latest read…

Ease up on the sugar

This isn’t a diet or food related post, we promise, but did you know that sugar actually saps water out of your skin cells and can put it at risk for dehydration?

It’s easy to indulge in too much of the sweet stuff when your body craves comfort food and due to all those holiday parties so be sure to drink lots of pure, filtered water throughout your day and why not try and experiment with some delicious paleo versions of your favorite festive desserts?

Rely on a humidifier

A humidifier is an excellent way to immediately replace some of that lost moisture because it blows a continual stream of steam into the air, providing almost instant relief from cold weather skin issues. 

Your skin will look more dewy and radiant and you can kiss itchy skin goodbye, hallelujah!

Why not add in some essential oils to create your very own aromatherapy oasis in the comfort of your own home?

Lavender and ylang ylang to soothe and relax or peppermint and citrus to uplift and energize. 

Use the right skincare products

Using the right skincare products in your daily skincare ritual are going to go a long way in ensuring your skin stays hydrated and happy all season long.

Your best bet is to avoid conventional products loaded with potentially harsh and drying ingredients and, instead, be sure to fill your beauty cabinet with only all natural, healthy products. 

Our Fearless Body Butter and Shine Oil are formulated with the most luxe oils and butters to leave your skin simply glowing with dewiness and you will never have to worry about water diluting your product or fillers and other synthetics that may put your health at risk. 

These three tips are super simple yet can make all the difference for you this year!


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