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Heal Your Skin Naturally With Shine Body Oil

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Posted on April 01 2018

It’s Your Time to Shine with Shine Body Oil


Discover two ways to truly shine with luminous skin. Skin and Senses has created a natural formula that’s light and delicate yet intensely soothing for restoring your skin to a gorgeous glow. No matter what your skin type from easily irritated to blemish-prone or normal to oily, you’ll find you’ll shine on with Shine Body Oil.

Shine Body Oil


One way to use it is in the shower to lock in hydration deep down. The 100% pure plant-based formulation strengthens skin elasticity from within, nourishing and improving skin with every use. Another way to use it is post-shower to keep skin looking brilliant. This organic and vegan product is free of GMOs, gluten, phthalates and alcohol and only contains the best naturally-sourced ingredients. In or out of the shower, massage it into the skin in circular motions to speed up absorption and increase circulation for efficient cell turnover.


The non-greasy formula won’t clog pores and is designed to smooth right into skin for a blissful feeling. It contains organic jojoba oil which mimics the skin’s natural sebum for a youthful appearance; organic camellia oil to restore elasticity; organic safflower oil which keeps skin free of blemishes; macadamia oil to soften skin while strengthening barrier function and seal in moisture; and antioxidant-rich vitamin E to protect skin from free radical damage.


And then, there’s the heavenly scent of vanilla bean Yuzu and from vanilla essential oil melded with Japanese yuzu, which brightens, energizes and tones your skin, revealing a freshness that lasts all day. Japanese yuzu has been revered in Asian culture for centuries, believed to be a powerful agent in warding off illnesses and infections and having the power to increase circulation while smoothing skin. Plus, it smells divine, making it perfect for pampering your skin. The uplifting combination of these botanical aromas are ideal for keeping your mood pure for an overall sense of well-being and positive energy.


It's slightly sweet yet citrusy without being cloying, making it perfect for pregnant women who want to pamper their skin without using chemical products. There’s no need for the unnatural stuff when Skin and Senses brings you luxurious formulations from natural ingredients. It’s better for you and the environment too.


For skin that shines with youthful exuberance no matter what your skin type is, Shine Body Oil by Skin and Senses is the ultimate delight for your senses while restoring, hydrating and soothing skin to a healthy finish with every use.








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