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Posted on May 12 2019

When Patricia Arquette won an Oscar in 2015 for best supporting actress, she used her time in the spotlight to bring attention to the income inequality faced by women both in the US and around the world.

Women’s empowerment and equality have been issues for decades, and in recent years they continue to make their way into the national conversation. From income equality and the #metoo movement, to the rights of Trans- women, people all over the country are speaking up.

The Mission of Skin and Senses

Since its founding, Skin and Senses has been about women taking control of their lives through what they put in their bodies – particularly during pregnancy.

There are copious numbers of skincare products on the market today. Unfortunately, many of them contain ingredients that are bad for your skin, and also ingredients that are bad for your baby. Self-empowerment begins with rejecting chemical-laden skincare products that do harm and embracing a quality skincare line created by women, for women.

What Makes Skin and Senses Special?

Whether your job is inside or outside the home, you don’t have to skimp on your self-care. Kili Anderson and Roxy Homeidan, the founders of Skin and Senses, created a line of skincare products with the working mother in mind.

All of our skincare products contain natural, healthy ingredients that won’t be harmful to you or in the case of expectant mothers, your baby. They are free of phthalates, alcohols, parabens, and other toxic chemicals.

At Skin and Senses, our goal is to provide you with effective products that deliver real, lasting benefits. The first step in self-empowerment is to make good choices about your health and beauty. And with Skin and Senses, that choice is easy.

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  • Julianna Rodriguez: October 25, 2021

    Hello!! I have recently been shopping on Amazon and came across Skin and Senses on there selling the shine body oil! I wanted to check with you guys as to whether that seller is authentically Skin and Senses? I know that this comment is irrelevant to the post, but I wanted to make sure before telling my friends who live in other countries to buy from Amazon :)

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