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4 Benefits of Jade Stone Rolling For Your Skin

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Posted on October 21 2018

When it comes to keeping your skin radiant and youthful you’ve likely heard it all, from terrifying vampire facials to a snake venom facial, there’s never a shortage of weird and wacky skin care rituals out there!

Even though Halloween is around the corner, skin care should never be scary, so while we will be talking about a special facial technique you may have never heard of, we can promise it won’t have you running for the hills!

In this article we’ll be letting you in on one of the latest skin care trends, but this one actually works!

It’s called Jade Rolling.

Intrigued? We bet you are! Kick back with a cuppa and keep on reading…

4 Benefits of Jade Stone Rolling For Your Skin

What is Jade Rolling?

Jade rolling involves rolling a jade gemstone over your face to help balance your ‘chi’ and draw out negative energies. It has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for centuries and was used on Royalty to help boost their spirits.

Before you write this off as a bunch of whoo whoo, you may be interested to learn that the cool gem, massaged over the skin, does have some incredible skin benefits too!

Increases blood circulation

Facial massage is a wonderful way to help increase circulation and promote the formation of collagen and jade rolling allows you to massage your face yourself whenever you need it!

Apart from encouraging collagen production, the incredibly relaxing and gentle pressure the Jade roller puts on your face, will help to loosen up tense muscles (hello youthful appearance!) and leave you feeling completely blissed out.

Aids in lymphatic drainage

Ever woken up with a puffy face or puffy under-eyes? Yep, we’ve all been there, in fact, some of us struggle with this on a daily basis.

Using a Jade roller on your face and under your eyes will help to drain any excess fluid that has accumulated due to lack of sleep, poor diet and even stress. Hallelujah!

Enhances absorption of skin care products

We love slathering on our oils and potions, but what’s the point if they aren’t being properly absorbed?

Using a Jade roller before applying your skin care products will help them better absorb and you can even roll your Jade roller over your skin care products to speed up absorption so you won’t have a mess on your pillowcase come morning.

Lightens up dark under-eyes

If you don’t have genetic under-eye circles, then you’re one of the lucky ones, but genetic or not, a poor diet and lack of sleep can definitely cause and worsen them.

Jade rolling can help to minimize blood vessels that contribute to a darkened under-eye area so you can look bright eyed no matter how little sleep you may have gotten!

Ready to get ‘rollin?

Get your very own  Jade Roller today and start experiencing the incredible results for yourselves!


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